Why is Pride important in Bolton?

Guest blog by Phil Mason, Head of Community Trust & Club Chaplain at Bolton Wanderers Community Trust

I really believe that our diversity as human beings is at the core of who we are and really should always be celebrated. It is that diversity that makes us human. For far too long individuals and groups have had to put up with abuse because of their sexuality and even today people are mocked and made to feel ashamed for just being themselves.

We as a town should be embracing diversity and allowing people the freedom and right to celebrate who they are and express themselves accordingly. We at Bolton Wanderers and Bolton Wanderers Community Trust are delighted to be supporting Bolton Pride as we celebrate our diversity as human beings.

This is an important event and one I would encourage the whole town to get behind. We are living in unprecedented times at present and even more than ever we need to re-focus on what is important, to recognise that as human beings we are all equal, all vulnerable and all need to be accepted no matter what our sexuality.